LIAISON-USA is an educational consulting firm created around the firm belief that knowledge is power. The company’s mission is to share that power with others; enabling them to succeed through the best application of education and educational technologies. Each member of the team thrives on the peace of mind that comes from knowing a client’s needs are taken care of.

LIAISON-USA also has a strong global vision. The company strongly believes that students in developing countries around the world, particularly in African countries, can and will benefit from the advanced technology-based education offered in the United States of America. LIAISON-USA takes every step available to bring the future of education to as many of the world’s citizens as possible



Gustave D. Biaka

Founder & CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LIAISON-USA
Consultant in Education
Master's in Educational Technology,
Loyola University Maryland
Masters in Economics and Management
University of Cote d'Ivoire
Bachelor Degree in Educational Mathematics
University of Cote d'Ivoire
37 years (17 years in Cote d'Ivoire and since 2006 in USA) of experience in Secondary Education
Certified teacher in mathematics and Special Education at Maryland Board of Education in the United States of America (U.S.A.)
Alternative Instructional Technologies teacher.
Cote d'Ivoire Experience Synopsis

17 years of teaching experience from 1983 to 2000.
Member of National Committee for Selection Secondary Schools and Baccalaureate exams' subjects.
Responsible for evaluating mathematical questions for national school System' exams
Lead Trainer for National Mathematics Recruitment Program, Cote d'Ivoire Board of Education(1988-1999)
President of Mathematics Pedagogy Committee in Cocody Abidjan, Department of Education,.Cote d'Lvoire

O: + 1 202 558 0299 and 1 877-542 9889

M: 1 240-997-3826

Yves Donald D. BIAKA

Assistant Director of Operating Officers

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration,
Bachelor Degree in Technology of Information, Network and programming.
Donald Biaka is preparing another bachelor in Computer graphics and Designs.

O: 1 877 542 9889

M: + 52 1 444 311 3785

Guy Cesar D. BIAKA

Assistant Director of the Chapters

Bachelor Degree in Marketing and management .
Responsible for the management of the electricity network events within the sales management and customers, Cote d'Ivoire Company of Electricity.
Deputy General Manager in charge of recruitment of students and marketing .
Guy Caesar is the Executive Director of the branch- LIAISON-USA.
In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Guy Cessar also serves as a liaison between our company and our customers in French speaking countries.

O: +225 40285463

M: +225 49150270

Sandrine Lucas Boukabara

Deputy Director and Program Coordinator

Prince George County Public Schools French Immersion Program Coordinator.
Master's in Communication and Interpreting.

O: 1 877 542 9889

M: 1 202 569 2293