Today, technology is integrated into our daily lives. In order for educational institutions to promote student success, they need to use that same technology.

At LIAISON-USA we understand that knowledge is power. Modern technology is a gateway to that knowledge, and has the power to transform the classroom. Technology paves new ways of thinking; challenging students and teachers alike to push education forward.

We are committed to bringing these technologies to educational systems worldwide. Students, parents, school districts, and state education agencies can all benefit from the integration of relevant technology.

The technology-based educational system of the United States will also benefit students in developing countries, particularly in African countries. We strongly believe it.  It has inspired our vision to bring modern educational strategies to students around the globe.



To help realize our vision, we strive to provide schools, colleges, academies, and universities with the technologies needed to develop the future of education.

LIAISON-USA has formed partnerships with businesses in the industry to develop and deliver new technologies like smartboards to our clients.

Interactive whiteboards, or “smartboards”, are a simple, engaging way to give lessons in the modern era. A blend between a touch screen computer and projector, Smartboards provide countless possibilities that standard whiteboards lack.

Lessons can be created from scratch just like on a whiteboard. Alternatively, interactive applications can be used to create highly engaging lessons for later use on the smartboard. Students are much more involved in these interactive lessons, and retention increases because of it.

At LIAISON-USA, our commitment is to see the evolution of education realized.

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Modern educational technology has the ability to bridge the gap between students and their highest potential for learning.

This is most evident when we look at the potential for tablet computer use in the classroom.

Tablet computers, like Ipads and Chromebooks, bring the world of knowledge to the fingertips of every student in the class. The educational applications are only as limited as the human imagination.

Interactive educational apps on tablet computers can be used to learn math, play music, count the stars in the sky, and even learn the basics of coding!

We continue to provide educational systems with the appropriate technologies to develop and realize the vision for the future of education.

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Thanks to the next generation of applications and computer software, interactive educational software is increasingly common.

Utilizing this software in the classroom is an important step towards student involvement. As most students use apps on a daily basis, engaging them in a familiar way not only gets them to retain more information- it keeps their attention.

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LIAISON-USA strives to provide schools, colleges, academies, and universities with the technologies needed to develop the future of education.

We have formed partnerships with businesses in the industry to bring the best educational technologies to as many people as possible.

One powerful use of modern technologies is through the revamping of school computer labs. Modern computers are faster and can handle the complex applications of our time. Connecting with LIAISON-USA to properly equip your computer lab saves you time and money.

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