November 18, 2018
BY Gustave Biaka




LIAISON-USA is an educational consulting firm offering simple solutions in a complex world. We help international students with the college admissions process in the United States. We simplify educational organization for school districts and governing bodies. We provide proven technology solutions for educational agencies.

Admission policies vary by university. To determine your eligibility, you will likely need to meet some basic requirements, including having enough money to support yourself while studying without having to work.

You may also have to show proof of medical insurance to cover any expenses if you need medical assistance.

Once the university has determined that your application is complete and you are eligible for admission, it will issue you an I-20, which you can use to apply for your F1 visa.

If approved, you may be required to pay visa fees. Your digital fingerprints will be taken. Your passport will be taken so that your visa can be applied. Your passport will be returned in person or by mail.

Keep in mind that visa issuance is not guaranteed. Do not make final travel plans until you have your visa approved. If your visa is denied, you will receive a reason for it. Filing a waiver of ineligibility is possible in some cases.