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At LIAISON-USA we believe that knowledge is a power. Just like Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple,  we believe that ” Technology has the power to transform classroom. It can pave new ways of thinking, new ways of sparkling ideas to be completed.” .

We are an educational consulting firm offering simple solutions in a complex world. We simplify educational organization for school districts and governing bodies, and provide proven technology solutions for educational agencies.

Our services:

  1. Student Chromebooks, Ipads, Laptops.

We can help you reach your educational goals by gradually implementing the use of Chromebooks, Ipads, and Laptops.

2. Smartboards

We will help provide all of your classrooms with state-of-the-art Smartboards.

        3. Educational Software

LIAISON-USA offers access to a range of useful programs for educational institutions.

Knowing exactly where every student needs more guidance and how to better serve them has never been easier. We provide educators with an assessment management system; a standards-based assessment solution used to collect, analyze, and act on student performance data.

4. Computer Lab

LIAISON-USA strives to provide schools, colleges, academies, and universities with the technologies needed to develop the future of education.

We design your computer lab, install all the equipment your ordered from us. Your satisfaction is part of our job; so we offer your one year warranty and after sales service.

5. Other equipment 

Please feel free to tell us what you need to improve your school’s performance. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We will help equip your educational system with modern instructional technologies.

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Please read carefully our refund policy before making your selection.