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Procedures for Registration and Admissions in the United States

The team at LIAISON-USA is here to help you through the admissions process for United States colleges. Registering for universities can be overwhelming. We will help simplify the process.


Most universities in the United States will require you to take one or more standardized tests in order to be approved to their programs. We help your test preparation process; deciding which test is needed, reviewing test fees, preparing for the test, and choosing the best way to take the test (computer or paper based).

Evaluating Your Credentials

Another important aspect in the admissions process in the United States is the evaluation of your credentials. Curriculum varies from country to country; not only in language, but in learning level. As such, you may be required to submit your transcripts for evaluation. A credential evaluator will reword the document to fit the standard format for admissions in the United States.

Student Visas

Typically, three different types of visas are offered to international students: F1 Visa, J1 Visa, or M1 Visa. There are many factors to consider when applying for a visa, and we can help you decide which one is right for you.


Whether on-campus or off-campus, living arrangements need to be decided as part of your preparation process. As part of our services, we help you decide which housing options are best for you.

We are committed to your success, and will help you with every step of the registration and admissions process in the United States.

For more information about our registration services, see our Administration and Registrations page.



The modern era calls for modern educational technology. The future of education is an interactive, collaborative, and individualized learning.

The role of LIAISON-USA is to advise and encourage countries and their educational systems to help create the changes necessary for education to thrive. Using these tools correctly boosts academic performance by engaging students.

For more information about the educational technologies we provide, see our Educational Technology page.





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