To fulfil our visions, we offer a wide variety of education services, including:

Registration and Admissions – We help students and their parents in the areas of registration and admission to institutions of higher education and universities in the United States of America.

Campus Accommodation– We assist students in finding the best housing options during the course of their stay, whether on campus or off campus.

Translation of Official Documents– To speed up the admissions process and simplify registration, we translate educational transcripts and other official documents for our clients.

Educational Technology– LIAISON-USA provides the services to acquire, install, and maintain instructional technology to various educational agencies.  We can help supply your institution with computers, tablets, software, Chromebooks, Smartboards, and other current educational technology. Ordering through our company saves time and reduces the cost to you.

Educational Organization– Proper organization is the gateway for teacher-student collaboration and cooperative student growth within the educational system. We deliver teacher training into the developing trends of educational technology, and help structure the most conducive environments to learning.


Admission and Registration

LIAISON-USA is committed to helping higher education students find suitable English Learning Centers,  colleges and universities in the United States of America (USA).

Our experienced staff will guide and provide you with personalized attention that will help you find the right fit English Learning Center,  college, or university.

LIAISON-USA will help you take your required test (TOEFL or GRE) , evaluate your credentials, and obtain a letter of admission, an I-20 for your new life in the United States of America.



At LIAISON-USA we believe that knowledge is a power, and ” we believe that technology has the power to transform classroom. It can pave new ways of thinking, new ways of sparkling ideas to be completed.” As an educational firm, we are committed to bringing technology at the door of students and parents, schools and Districts, state education agencies and secretaries of education, around the world.


Technology Solutions

Instructional Technology (IT) is a field concerned with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of instruction in the classroom.

Educational technology equipment constantly changes, and it can be hard to stay up to date without breaking your budget. That’s why LIAIASON-USA offers great opportunities on getting, installing , and operating system assistance on all the latest educational technology equipment from the top manufacturers in the business.


LIAISON-USA offers a servive of transcripts translation to our candidate-students in order to expedite the process of registration and admission.

LIAISON-USA extends its service of translation to offical documents, and instructional documents.

Our offer:


Our Products

Our services:

  1. Students Chromebooks, Ipads, Laptops.

We can start with start with a cart of chromebooks, Ipads, laptops to help your gradually reach your goal.

2. Smartboards

We are here to get you started with Smartboard to all your schools or classrooms.

        3. Educational Softwares

We offer great academic software products titles at deep discounts for students, and institutional pricing for teachers, schools and nonprofit organizations.

We have product offerings for all school levels from K-12 to High School to College, Higher Education, University,  and also service the non-profit and institutional sectors.

We provide an Assessment Management System that is a standards-based assessment solution to schools and districts, state education agencies and ministries in order to collect, analyze and act on student performance data.

Data analysis enhance and improve classroom instruction and student performance.

        4. Computer Lab

 Technology is a vehicle of that powers to transform our classroom and the way of teaching and learning.

We design your computer lab, install all the equipment your ordered from us. Your satisfaction is part of our job; so we offer your one year warranty and after sales service.

       5. Other equipment 

Please feel free to tell us what you need to improve your school’s performance and we guarantee your satisfaction

Let us equip your educational system, your school systems, your classes with instructional technologies.

The choice is yours; please click here to place your order and receive an invoice or proposal.

Please read carefully our refund policy before making your selection